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Cleansing + Pack: At the same time is a luxury face cleanser.

Marine Bijou™ with sticky jelly formula instantly turns into black bubbles to cleanse your face. Cleansing and pack at the same time. Creates your skin texture with improved pores.

It contains anti-Sebum P patents and 29 plant natural ingredients to help soothe the skin and remove skin waste without irritation. Complete face wash and glow with a differentiated care type cleanser.

Cleansing: It's important first step in skincare

Caviar black bubbles are created as soon as you apply the cleansing pack. This black bubble removes blackheads and dead skin cells from your skin. Experience clean, pore-free skin


Step 1: Apply a thin layer on dry skin like a pack is applied.

Step 2: When the bubble comes up enough, gently roll it with a small amount of water and remove the dead skin cells. Do not leave it on the skin for more than 10 minutes.