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Hot New Product 😍 Eye Care Pen + Eye Care Cream ‼ Skin Care Eye Machine
Enhances eye contour ‼ Diminishes dark circles ‼ Smoothes puffiness and lines.
Reply ☄"True"☄ to grab Eye Magic 1+1‼!

Eye Pencil
Electricity effect: encourages greater penetration of active ingredients and stimulates skin re-creation.
Micro-vibration: 12,000 micro-vibrations per minute to enhance the eye contour.
✨Red LED: (630-660 nm) illuminates the skin around the eyes to support collagen production.
✨ NIR: (850 nm) warmth promotes growth of underlying cells
KC, CE EMC and RoHS certified.

Eye Brightening Cream
Lifts and firms the contours of the eye area, improves laxity and reduces wrinkles.
✨Niacinamide: restores whiteness and minimizes dark circles around the eyes.
✨Adenosine: energizes the surface of the eye muscles, improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
Vitamin Complex: anti-aging and anti-oxidant, strengthens firmness and promotes microcirculation in the eye area.
Glutathione: purifies the eye area, eliminates toxins, inhibits pigmentation around the eyes, and moisturizes the eye area.