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Korea Super Blemish Remover Black Bottle coming soon

Korea DONGSUNG Black Bottle Enamel Blemish Cream

📦Now in stock🙌🙌Must try‼️‼️ Korean dramas, noblewomen often use whitening spot cream😉😉!
✅ Age spots ✅ Brown spots ✅ Melanin deposits and other problems are all OUT 👎🏻👎🏻

This super strong enamel blemish cream, whitening, spot control melanin
🤞🏻 Ping Shuai Zheng 🤞🏻

💕 Korea Dongsung Pharmaceutical after 60 years of research 😎😎😎

✅ Four effective whitening ingredients:
1. Triglyceride (reduces and inhibits melanin production, whitening)
2. Red Myrrh Alcohol (a natural whitening ingredient from Brazilian plants, reduces and inhibits melanin formation)
3. Bee's Tail (inhibits melanin production through UVA, preventing cell damage)
4. Placenta protein (strengthen skin immunity, activate skin metabolism, promote epidermal cell proliferation)

📌And the main ingredient - Tretinoin contains up to 9500ppm, the main effects: rejuvenation and repair, lightening spots, smoothing acne scars, antioxidant, brightening skin tone.

😉 Spot Reduction by Penetrating from the Inside Out
Step 1: Inhibit UV rays from penetrating into the skin.
Step 2: Inhibit melanin production.
Step 3: Lightens and improves existing melanin.
Step 4: Facilitates the elimination of melanin build-up.

🙂 Texture: thin, good ductility, pushed out and quickly absorbed, after using the skin is so moisturized, have a healthy skin luster, very good 😎😎😎😎!

❣️ It takes about 1 month for new skin cells to grow and fall off, so keep using Luangsilk Tricarboxylic Acid Cream for at least 1 month or more.