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Elroel New Purple Bb Stick Buy 1 Get 1 Free in store

Gold Upgrade BB Stick 🥰 UV Resistant ‼ Long Lasting
Long-lasting make-up ☀️ is not easy to dissolve ‼ With the buried essence, multi-functional ‼
Fills in texture, lifts V-face, removes marks, removes yellowing and minimizes pores.
Reply to me at 👶🏻BB👶🏻 Grab a deal‼
Re-adjust the formula 🧪, strengthen 2 ️ ⃣ times elastic collagen, lifting the face to increase the volume 🥚, smoother and fuller, will be a BB base cream mixed with essence cream 🧈, so that the skin lasting hydration 💦, tested and proved to be able to improve the wrinkles, imperfections, spots, pores, it is multi-functional cosmetic products, the dual-head design! 🏆, easy to use, quick to complete the base makeup 👍🏻, reducing the need to apply by hand, ultra-fitting, not easy to dissolve makeup 💋 ‼
✨SPF 50+/ PA+++.
Lifts chin, face, eyes and forehead.
Improve wrinkles, whiten skin and protect against UV rays.
✨Round brush: soft and tight to the skin, 32,000 filaments, improve the long-lasting foundation, can be rotated and detached for cleaning.
✨Human-tested 50 hours long-lasting moisturizing, maintains radiance, improves wrinkles, skin texture, blemishes and spots.
✨BB Primer + Collagen Cream: double care for the skin, quick and easy to apply makeup, while maintaining skin care
✨Collagen: 45,800ppm, double the elasticity of the care ingredients, French collagen extract, double the strength of the formula, so that tired and sagging skin multiply the effect of plumpness
✨ 7 Desert Plants and 3 Flower Oils, 1,000ppm, provide deep hydration to the inner layers of the skin
Niacinamide: whitening, anti-wrinkle, reduce melanin deposition.
Adenosine: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, brighten skin tone.
✨No 26 dangerous fragrances that cause skin allergies, can be used without worry for sensitive skin.
✨Cover blemishes, make the skin more firm and healthier
✨ Suitable for yellow, white, red, and dark skin tones.