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Korea Metal Mascara

It works great.


Crazy grab super long lasting styling! Metal Mascara Waterproof & Sweatproof9 Innovative Brushless* Super Easy to Apply Wildly Defined* "Gold" E Crazy Rush Innovative Mascara

Metal Mascara Head

- A lightweight, moisturizing formula designed to cover and shape every lash, even under the eyes and in the small corners of the eye, leaving lashes voluminous, long and curly for up to 33 hours, waterproof, sebum- and sweat-resistant. 10 metal tips at a 50-degree angle, 0.42mm deep!

Innovative design: rinsable after each use, metal bristles for even lash application.

Hydrolyzed Bird's Nest Extract, Hydrolyzed Red Algae Extract, Hydrolyzed Silk: Strengthens and protects lashes and provides nutrients to lashes.

Made in Korea