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MSOP life saver gel

Emergency Hydration ‼Soften Dryness ‼Life-Saving Gel Mask
Supports collagen, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes skin.
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Infuse natural into the skin🌿, extracted from lotus flower germ and red bisabolol, moisturizing and tightening and pore refining💦, inhibit melanin to improve dullness, whiten and brighten the skin🌟, soften the keratinized moisturizing🍇, penetrate the pores to fill a large amount of water ✨✨EWG green grade, balancing the skin pH 5 7 value, nourishing the dry astringent skin, reduce dry lines and pigmentation, saturating the fragile epidermis.

✨EWG green grade, balances skin pH 5.7, moisturizes dry skin, diminishes dry lines and pigmentation, saturates fragile epidermis.
Lotus Seed Green Germ: extracted from the lotus flower, the germ is rich in anti-aging amino acids, repairing skin tissue, helping to moisturize the skin, improving skin firmness and minimizing pores.
Tiger Balm: The root is rich in Resveratrol, which inhibits melanin cells and water penetration, activates Sirtuin to promote autophagy, improves dullness and maintains hydration.
Grape Seed: rich in flavonoids, tannins and polyphenols, protects cells and enzymes underneath the skin, softens keratinized moisture and forms a protective barrier.
Tocopherol: a vitamin E derivative that moisturizes, reduces roughness and improves skin protection.
Adenosine: Helps to promote collagen production, replenish lost elasticity in the skin to minimize wrinkles and relieve overall imbalanced skin texture.
Bisabolol: a natural moisturizer that locks in water and fights dryness, restores skin suppleness, and reduces peeling and cracking.
✨Apply the mask evenly over dry skin, or apply thickly if it is extremely dry or textured, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water.
✨ Clear gel texture, color and fragrance free, anti-aging and whitening ingredients, Korea KFDA food and drug safety certified.