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A Nowmi lab Milklight in stock

Recommended by Star Users ‼White Gem Milklight
High-energy flash ‼Unlimited rounds ‼Quickly clear deep shifts ‼
Milk White 🍼Mystical Price 🍼Breakthrough 🍼PoPo_203C

🍭 White Gem Milk Light new technology flash near infrared, energy NIR activation of the dermis, firming the skin, de-yellowing and brightening, injecting milk radiance muscle ‼

⭐New Superpulse Strobe: Increase the frequency by 2 times, 2.5 flashes/second, automatically extend the light, increase the duration of NIR light, smooth and delicate, brighten the skin.
⭐New temperature control: Asynchronous intelligent light therapy technology, the average output of energy per second in the first and middle sections is milder, so that the skin can better adapt to the temperature, and the average output of energy per second is stronger and more stable.
⭐Core technology: Near Infra Red (NIR), with a wavelength of 900-1800nm, reaches the boiling point of collagen at 43°C in just 20 seconds, increasing collagen density.
Three flash modes: low to high energy.
⭐Triple sensing technology: temperature, motion and contact sensing for improved safety and performance
Touch Sensor: 2 metal sheets that emit light waves when pressed against the skin to detect epidermal temperature.
⭐Temperature sensor: Thermostat automatically cools down at 43°C until it reaches the appropriate temperature.
Temperature sensing heat: Heat the dermis in seconds to promote collagen production, firming and elasticity of the skin.
Authoritative test: Once used, dermal density increased by 51.18%, gloss increased by 10%10.43, melasma area increased by 30.83%.
Four weeks of use, whitening, brightening, rejuvenating and firming the skin.