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7 certified Korean home lasers are in store

The world's first ‼️ Active Penetrating ‼️ Home Lazer Machine
4️⃣ laser + electroplating heads ‼️ Repair the underlying wrinkles ‼️ Self-expelling dirt ‼️
Reply 👑"Lazer"👑Snap the first home machine half price‼️

The laser and electroplating head🤩helps to improve the absorption rate of active substances in skincare products🆙,💪🏻 through the core laser technology, the epidermis layer to produce about 1️⃣0️⃣ 0️⃣ uniform multi-microporous, which can help to improve the skin moisture💦 brightness, density, melasma, wrinkles, and hair loss, and through the electroplating head, the current⚡ to carry away the waste products of the skin‼️

✨Tracking penetration directly into the folds of the subcutaneous tissue, strengthening the active repair power of raw materials, activating cell regeneration.
-Core Technology
✨Lens Design Technology: Using a multi-array lens, the laser is directed to minimize the damage to epidermal tissue up to 200µm.
✨The laser energy is vaporized by water molecules, creating more than 100 micro-pores, depending on the skin area, the intensity of the energy penetrates the depth of the underlying wrinkles.
UV Sterilization System: Automatically sterilizes the head and tip when the device is placed in the holder and charged, with a maximum sterilization time of 1 hour and 30 minutes.
-2 Mode Heads
Fractional Laser Head: (Rejuvenation Laser), used on skin with 5-10µm epidermal layer to enhance nutrient absorption through 100 micropores created in the epidermal layer with each injection.
❣️ Round: for large areas (cheeks and forehead).
❣️ Square head: delicate areas such as around the nose.
❣️ Rectangular head: Narrow areas such as the skin around the eyes.
Electroplating head: Positive current (+) effectively removes dirt from the bottom layer, while negative current (-) increases the activity of raw materials to transport the bottom layer.
✨KGMP, European ISO, KIBO, KOITA, INNOBIZ, KC and EU CE certified.
✨Power on for 2 seconds, when the laser film is last used, it will be accompanied by a beeping sound.
✨Built-in 3 types of laser replacement heads, 1 type of electroplated head, charging cradle, plug, goggle
Recommended to use 1-2 times per week, 80-100 laser shines per use.

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