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Dr Wang Cellular Eye Wrinkle Reducing Cream In Stock

Cellular Eye Cream

Super Deal 🔥 Instant Eye Lines Removal🌈 Cellular Eye Cream🌟
Absorbs in seconds⚡Resolves under-eye bags💖Reverse ageing and firming🧚🏻‍♀
Crazy price for Super Bright Eye Cream 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!

Cellular Eye Cream 💫💫💫
➡ Specific cell cultures combined with ceramides to protect the skin around the eyes to build a protective barrier, tighten the eye corridor, minimize dark circles, and rejuvenate the eye muscle ‼

✨ Firms the delicate eye area, boosts collagen and elastin, improves wrinkles and elasticity, moisturizes and brightens the skin around the eyes and dark circles.
✨ Specific cell cultures: Highly active proteins enriched with 43 growth factors for cell growth, restores skin elasticity, promotes collagen synthesis and improves wrinkles.
✨ Ceramide: hydrates the skin, repairs redness and sensitivity caused by dryness, soothes skin discomfort, and maintains healthy skin.
Chamomile: excellent for calming and soothing sensitive skin, making the skin more firm and smooth and soft.
Allantoin: helps to regenerate skin tissue, moisturize dry skin, increase skin's water absorption, and restore smoothness and refinement.
NMN: Helps inhibit melanin deposition and migration, whiten and remove spots, make the skin clear and bright.
Hexadecanal peptide: improves skin elasticity and texture, promotes collagen proliferation, and improves skin tone.
✨Passed the U.S. and Korea FDA, CPNP, international cosmetics certification ICID, Defined Cell Cutture Media
Made in Korea