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Japan Rose Enzyme Essence

Strong ‼️ Another Japanese masterpiece 😎 Anti-light and anti-sugar ‼️ Rose Enzyme
Whitening and darkening‼️Reduces dandruff‼️Moisturizes the inner skin‼️
Reply ❤‍🔥"Rose"❤‍🔥Snap up the new offer ‼️

Carefully selected fermentation raw materials, 2️⃣ kinds of patented activity, to achieve skin whitening, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-glycation 🍭, adding the apple fruit cell culture, help skin fade dry fine lines 〰️, support cells and epidermis, the warm spring water combined with 3 ️⃣ kinds of ceramides, soak the skin, soften the epidermis 🌊, skin Smooth and anti-roughness ‼️

✨Prevents photoaging, improves wrinkles, collagen, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial effect, strengthens the skin's immunity
LACTIBIO®ROSE: (Lactic Acid Rosa Centifolia Ferment) Oligonucleotides made by fermenting rose petal extract with lactic acid bacteria from Danish cheese, targeting whitening, anti-yellowing, anti-photo-aging, anti-wrinkles, anti-oxidation, anti-glycation.
✨ Through lactobacillus fermentation, the antioxidant capacity of roses is further enhanced, inhibiting UV rays, preventing photoaging, preventing skin aging and pigmentation caused by glycation, whitening, anti-yellowing, anti-wrinkles, bactericidal.
YUKIME®: (Hydrolyzed Sprouted Rice Cereal), sprouted Hokkaido fermented pesticide-free brown rice added to the origin of fig yeast, promote skin regeneration, restore the skin's natural barrier, away from dryness, so that the skin is hydrated ✨ Apple fruit cell culture: anti-aging and anti-wrinkle prevention effect, giving the skin firmness!
Rice bran: rich in vitamins, giving the skin a firm and transparent feeling, promote blood circulation, prevent aging, and inhibit allergies and inflammation.
Olive leaf: very high polyphenol content, strong bactericidal power, remove harmful microorganisms, enhance skin immunity.
Thermal spring water: whitening, softening keratin and promote skin metabolism, strong antioxidant power, hydrating power stronger
✨3 kinds of ceramide: (AP, NP and NG), reduce water loss, protect the skin, regulate the balance of oil and water, can reduce the skin flaking phenomena
✨ Citrus fruit peel oil: rich in vitamin C, against melanin, improve skin color dullness, rejuvenation, whitening and smoothness.
✨Smooth and moisturizing texture, from the inside to maintain firmness.