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Siw Revitalizing eye machine

New product ‼1 machine with 3 effects 🔥Revitalizing eye machine💖
Firms up sagging eyes ⤴ Brightens eyes without wrinkles 😍 Reduces pigmentation under the eyes
Get the newest age-defying eye machine with 🔥"P"🔥!價🔥

💖Revitalizing Eye Machine
➡3 modes of extreme anti-aging, wrinkle and wrinkle removal, lifting the skin around the eyes, help to achieve flawless, firm skin, care for the skin, keep beautiful ‼

✨RF+EP: Stimulates collagen, lifts and firms the skin, reduces fine lines, enhances essence penetration, moisturizes the skin, promotes blood circulation and eliminates edema.
✨RF+EP+Red Light: gives elasticity and luster to the aging eye area, eliminates dark circles and reduces eye wrinkles through elasticity.
✨RF+EP+Red Light+Vibration: Promotes skin blood circulation, opens pores, enhances skin absorption, inhibits melanin formation, and produces a subtle and highly intensive massage.
✨Charging: three indicator lights are on and flashing Fully charged: always on
✨After cleansing your face, apply the gel evenly around your eyes, long press the power button to turn on the machine, choose the appropriate gear, and use the dots to press the way to protect your eyes, 5 minutes for each part of the body, about 10-15 minutes for the whole body, 2-3 times per week.