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Siw Stem Cell Eye Mask in store

Crazy new product 🔥Tight and elastic 🫧SIW Tai Pak Eye Mask ❤️‍🔥
Fight melanin 🌟 white smooth water tender 💎 eyes blink blink luminous 😍
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💎SIW Tai Pak Eye Mask💎
➡️ instantly moisturizes, relieves puffiness and fatigue, lifts and firms, improves sagging, reduces wrinkles and dark circles, and refreshes the skin.

✨ Coconut Milk Bio-Cellulose Mask, Safe and Gentle
✨Human Stem Cells: reduce aging, enhance skin protection, restore skin firmness and elasticity.
EGF: promote collagen production, nourish the skin and improve fine lines.
✨Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing, enhance skin elasticity, improve skin laxity
Minerals: strengthen skin microcirculation, improve skin metabolism.
Peptides: fast penetrating and firming skin.
Amino acids: enhance moisturization and soften the stratum corneum.
Vitamin C: antioxidant, inhibit pigmentation, lighten dark spots.
Allantoin: Helps regenerate skin tissue, moisturize dry skin, increase skin's water absorption, and restore smoothness and refinement to the skin.
Made in Japan